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O Magazine Features Oprah Meditating in Fairfield

Oprah writes in O Mag about her visit to TM Town and meditating with ladies in their Golden Dome

from Ken Chawkin: In the February 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah in her column, on page 162, What I Know for Sure, shares her mission in life, what she’s all about: seeking the fullest expression of self. Part of that life’s purpose brought her to Fairfield, Iowa, or TM Town, as she calls it.

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Oprah and her crew were here filming segments for her Next Chapter show on OWN: interviews with students at the Maharishi School; Vedic Pandits in neighboring Maharishi Vedic City; a visit to a home in Abundance Eco-Village, which is totally off the grid and designed with Vedic architectural principles; and meditating with the ladies in their dome.

The show may be airing sometime in March. Updates to follow.

In the article, Oprah shares some personal thoughts on her visit to Fairfield, in particular, meditating in one of the golden domes with the ladies of the Fairfield community.

She had a profound experience of deep inner stillness and elaborates on this in the article, saying we all need to tap into and experience “the constancy of stillness” from where “you can create your best work and your best life,” even during “the daily craziness that bombards us from every direction.”

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