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From Dr. Beall, School Head:

This is my last blog from China, but not about China.

Later today we’ll begin the long trip home, curiously leaving Beijing at 4:10pm and arriving in Chicago at 4:19pm, the same day. But that’s with time changes after a 13-hour+ flight.

This has been an extraordinary experience, from start to finish. In the last eight days our focus has shifted from school fairs to school partnerships. We’ve formed bonds with three schools, more than a thousand miles apart.

The first is in the beautiful coastal city, where the owners of a consortium of private schools not only want to incorporate Consciousness-Based Education into their existing schools; they want to establish a new Maharishi High School on their campus.

We discovered one of the premier secondary schools in the world, and a strong appreciation for the practicality of our approach to education. This school sent teams to the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals and to the international robotics event, so they’ve also been our direct competitors.

The capstone was in Chengdu, where we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a prestigious school. The signing event was covered by all the local media—TV, radio, newspapers—and I was also asked to present Consciousness-Based education to over 100 school administrators.

Andrea and I look forward to sharing with the community our impressions and intentions for the future, and again thank you all for your support during our absence. We will be glad to be back home, but will carry with us love for our Chinese friends and abiding gratitude for their exceptional hospitality.


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