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Middle School Students Reenact Trial at Jefferson County Courthouse

Maharishi School's 7th, 8th and 9th grades were given a tour of Jefferson County's newly renovated courthouse by County Supervisor, Dick Reed. After their tour, the students reenacted the Simeon Bushnell trial from the Civil War Era involving the Fugitive Slave Act. American History teacher, John Armstrong, oversaw the proceedings as judge. The role of the attorneys was portrayed by ninth grade students Leanna Miller, Solaris Nite, Camille Goodale and Michael Corrazza. The defendant was portrayed by middle school social studies and English teacher, Richard Incorvia.

Allowing the courthouse to be open to educational use brings the American Judicial System to life for students. Mr. Reed shared the importance of a fair and balanced judicial system to the students. The students were thoroughly engaged by the event and portrayed their characters with enthusiasm.

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