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In China, Meeting the Families of Our Students

These last days have been a whirlwind of travel, meetings, and presentations in Qingdao and Beijing, all very interesting and fulfilling. But last night will stand out as one of the highlights of our entire China experience. I’ve always enjoyed meeting parents of our students, but never traveled quite so far to make that happen.

As many of you know, we have two Chinese boarding students: Haiyin and Runzhao. Haiyin joined us for her senior year; Runzhao is a junior and in his second year with us. It was a priority for Andrea and me to meet their parents in person while we are here, and fortunately they were able to join us here in Beijing.

Haiyin’s father works as a director for China’s national television network. Runzhao’s father flew here from Hunan Province where he founded and operates a successful network of innovative Kindergartens, with more than 500 staff members.

We shared stories of the students’ experience at school and at home. They were as appreciative of the school as we were for them entrusting their children to us. They advised us on the best ways to communicate with Chinese families and offered to assist in recruiting additional excellent students.

Mr. Liang commented that our school has three important advantages. First, our location and connection with Maharishi University of Management, so students can move seamlessly from school to college, as Haiyin plans to do next year.

Second, the quality of education—small school, small classes, excellent teachers—provides personal attention for each student.

Third, safety and security, not only on the outside in the school and community, but inside also. TM is a tool to help students remain calm and develop mental health. “The inside,” he said, “is an even more important advantage.”

By the end of the evening, we felt a close bond of friendship and that our global family had grown a step closer together.


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