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Math Sculptures Project

From Chrissy, 7th Grade:


The Math Sculptures Project requires students to build a work of art that models the concept of balance--equality--in an equation, use their knowledge of center of gravity, and incorporate their understanding of artistic balance that they learned in art class. Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 to design and build both individual mobiles/sculptures.

The purpose of this project is to express abstract mathematical equations in concrete, artistic ways.


By the end of the lesson, students will 

  • have created an individual sculpture that models a mathematical equation or concept 
  • be able to find the center of gravity for two 
    dimensional shapes demonstrate and describe the meaning of artistic balance
  • be able to communicate--in writing--the mathematical relationships in their artwork.
  • know how to give and receive feedback that is both useful and kind
  • have learned how the processes of drafting, feedback, and reflection relate to the SCI principle Thought Leads to Action, Action Leads to Achievement, and Achievement leads to Fulfillment

In this project, every other day we built a mobile, and on the days in between, we learned about what our next mobile had to represent. We made a "balance beam" a "2-D Center of gravity" sculpture, and an "artistic balance" art object. 

Follow Chrissy's process here >>



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