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Maharishi Upper School Students Present “Almost, Maine - Almost, Iowa”

Dr. Paul Schwartz is new to Maharishi School this year, and is bringing his years of theater experience to our award winning speech team.  This Fall, Dr. Schwartz and our Upper School students have been preparing for their performances of  "Almost, Maine -- Almost Iowa."  John Cariani's 2002 play "Almost, Maine" enjoyed minor off-Broadway success and has since gone on to be the most frequently produced college and high school play in the country. It includes several vignettes of life in a small, fictional town in northern Maine called Almost (because it never got around to being incorporated). Each scene occurs at the same time, around 9 pm on a Friday night in winter with the Northern Lights above. All share the theme of a couple at a decisive moment in their relationship.

After the students their study of the play, they read other plays about small town life and reported back to the class. Based on their familiarity with Almost, Maine, and study of other plays about small town life, they wrote four vignettes about life in Fairfield, which we grouped under the title "Almost Iowa." The students have produced videos of their Almost Iowa scenes which we will project following the performance of the live stage performance of "Almost, Maine."

Performances are on Wednesday, October 26th and Friday, October 28th at 7:30pm, in Spayde Theater.  General admission is $5, and we are please to announce that all students may attend for free!



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