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Maharishi School Students Take Top Awards at Destination Imagination Sub-State Tournament

Maharishi School sent eight teams to Ames on March 3 to compete at the Iowa Sub-State Destination Imagination (DI) Competition. Six of those teams placed first, and the remaining teams placed third in their respective categories.

In Iowa the DI program is run by a non-profit organization, Students for a Creative Iowa. According to their website, the mission is to ”provide a safe and culturally rich environment that promotes creative problem-solving and team-building skills by encouraging students to build on their natural strengths and discover skills they may not realize they possess.” Without adult involvement, student teams solve a long-term challenge, which they work on for several months, as well as a short-term challenge, which they have several minutes to solve.

Mark Wilkins runs the program at Maharishi School. Under Mark’s masterful guidance, and that of his predecessor, Mark Headley, Maharishi School has sent teams to compete at the international level every year since 1994.

Winning first place in the scientific challenge at the high school level was a team called “Hypothetically We have a Giant Mushroom.” Team members are Avery Travis, Alina Knight,  Jaqueline Leete, Dia Huggins, Leanna Miller, Kadie Roberts, and Hifza Akbar. The team is managed by Nita Travis. They designed a prototype for a solar-powered 7-person tricycle as part of their challenge solution, which also had to involve stage lighting and a presentation about new uses for solar-energy.

Taking first place at the elementary level of the scientific challenge was “The Killa Zombie Cows”. Members are: Bodhi Boucherle, Will Sheppard, Sean Boyne, and Benji Boucherle. The team is managed by Noelle Boucherele.

First place in the high school level of the improvisational challenge, involving current news stories, was given to “Seductive Reasoning”. Members of the team are Demitri Makeig, Vinit Sugunar, David Wadsworth, Nathaniel Zhu, Tomas Bousquet, Michael Corazza, and Toby James. The team is managed by Diana Makeig.

First place in the middle level improvisational challenge went to “Chimmy Chonga Chocolate Chips”. Team members are Cecilia Faircrest, Bella Unger, Loreena Hansen, Beatrice Winn, Kai-li Diyaljee, Fernanda Giron, and Hermela Gerbermariam. The team manager is Mark Wilkins.

Winning first place in the technical challenge at the middle school level was a team called “You Gonna Eat That?” Team members are  Caleb Mulleneaux, Gabe Sperry, Marcus Schoenfeld, Doga Ozesmi, Avaram Diyaljee, Giovanni Cingire, and Jordan Town. The team managers are Matt Mullenneaux and Jeff Towne. The team had to creatively design and build equipment that retrieves parts and delivers products and integrate the equipment into a story.

First place in the structural challenge went to “Don’t put Dapt in your Nachos”. Team members are, Dante Cingire, Daniel Zhu, Phillip Winer, Andrew Wilson, and Drew Schoenfeld. The team is managed by Donna Cingire, and Rachel Wilson. Using balsa wood and glue, the team designed and built a weight-bearing structure and golf-ball delivery system.

Third place in the acting challenge, at the middle level, was given to “The Team that Survived 2012”. Team members are Anna Unger,  Amanda Valentine ,Phoebe Haerr, and Alista Winkle. The team manager is Sarah Rose Belok. This challenge includes the creation of a movie trailer including special effects and a sound track.

Third place in the acting challenge, elementary level, was given to the “Duck Tape Ducklings Eat Duck Tape Dumplings and Donuts But Then Can’t Say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Team members are Lulu Miller, Chase Winer, Calista Rowe, and Paloma Braun. The team is managed by AnaVictoria Braun. 

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