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Maharishi School Seniors Excel in ACT Test and College Readiness

Maharishi School students are exceptionally well prepared for college, according to a recent report by the American College Testing (ACT) Program.

Students in Maharishi School’s Class of 2011 who took the ACT had a composite average of 27.9, compared with the Iowa state average of 22.3 and the national average of 21.1.

In addition to the composite, ACT also calculates “Readiness for College-Level Coursework” in four main categories: Math, English, Reading, and Science. Maharishi School students significantly exceeded both state and national averages in every category—more than double the Iowa average for “Meeting All 4 Standards” (see charts below).

Maharishi School has College Preparatory Accreditation from the Iowa Department of Education.

Maharishi School is also accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), with more than 230 schools in 13 Midwest states. Even among these private schools, Maharishi School excels: its 27.9 composite average is nearly two points higher than the ISACS average of 26.1. In every ACT category—Math, English, Reading, Science—Maharishi School exceeded the ISACS averages (see charts below).

The President of ISACS, Keith E. Shahan, commented, “What the ACT results show is that if you attend Maharishi School you will have more than twice the chance of being prepared for college in all four subject areas than other schools in the state. That is a tribute to the curriculum, the teaching, and the total school culture at Maharishi School, a school that clearly supports learning and achievement."

Table 1. Average scores on each ACT test and the composite

% College-Ready      English      Math      Reading      Science      All Four
Maharishi School         29.3          26.8          28.8              26.0            27.9
National                         20.6          21.1          21.3              20.9            21.1
Iowa                                21.7          21.9          22.6              22.4            22.3
ISACS                             26.7         25.8          26.3               25.0            26.1

Table 2. Percent of Students Ready for College-Level Coursework

% College-Ready       English       Math       Reading      Science      All Four
Maharishi School         100             91            91                   73                 73
National                            66            45             52                   30                 25
Iowa                                   77            52            62                   40                  31
ISACS                               93             79            83                   63                  58

Throughout its 30-year history, 95% of Maharishi School graduates have been accepted by respected colleges and universities. Last year’s graduates are attending Maharishi University of Management, Haverford College (PA); George Washington University (WDC); Georgetown University (WDC); DePaul University (IL); Roger Williams College (RI); UC-Berkeley (CA); Chapman University (CA); Iowa State University, and University of Iowa. Atreya Dey received a Questbridge Scholarship, Raph Burne received scholarships based on his achievements in science research, and Coco Clark was a National Merit finalist.

 “Our students have a distinct advantage,” said Dr. Richard Beall. “They have a systematic way to dissolve stress every day—the Transcendental Meditation technique—so their minds are alert and engaged. That impacts everything they do at school and helps prepare them for success in college and life.”

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