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Maharishi School Alumni Speak At January 12 Celebration

Honoring the birthday of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has been a long-standing tradition at Maharishi School. This year’s celebration was especially memorable for Maharishi School graduates, Tasha Blitz and Jeremy Jones, class of 2005.

Jeremy and Tasha attended Maharishi School from the age of five. Jeremy graduated in 2009 from Maharishi University of Management. Tasha  has a degree in studio art and philosophy from Colorado College. They recently returned from Antrim, New Hampshire where they became teachers of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique.

Invited to be guest speakers at the Celebration, Jeremy shared, "Maharishi's message can be expressed so simply as 'happiness comes from within'. It's awesome to go to a school with that message at its foundation."

Tasha added, "Our ability to enjoy life is the basis of our happiness. TM isn't what makes us happy – at least I wouldn't put it like that. Our Self is the basis of our happiness and TM allows us to experience that without any distractions.”

Boys’ School Dean of Students, John Armstrong, alumnus, began the traditional candle-lighting and cake-cutting ceremony by lighting the light of pure consciousness, followed by student representatives from each grade level making wishes for the new year.

On behalf of his classmates, 4th grade student Pranav Chayillil spoke his wish with great authority, “We wish that all countries could be happy with each other and that there would be no more fighting and wars. We wish that people would use less gasoline and oil and invent cars and other things that are more natural and don’t pollute. We’d like to see less wasting of trees and paper and more trees being planted. We wish that everyone would recycle. We wish that when volcanoes erupt they don’t hurt any people, and that people have protection for all natural disasters. We wish for FREEDOM for all people on earth.”

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