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Maharishi School 1-2-3 Boys Visit Nature Center

Maharishi School first through third grade boys have been studying insects since the beginning of the school year, and last week they got the chance to put their knowledge to the test!  The boys spent an afternoon at Jefferson County Park with naturalist Therese Cumminskey, sweeping the prairie section of the park with insect nets and studying their finds.  The boys also enjoyed story time with Ms. Cumminskey, and explored the Nature Center's collection of Iowa wildlife specimins.






Marley and Kannan "sweep" with their insect nets and check out their specimins.







The boys gather around to inspect an interesting find.







Chaitanya found this inch worm that at first glance appeared to be a leaf - it wasn't until it started inching along that Therese determined what it was!






It wasn't all entomology, though!  Kids will be kids and they enjoyed the hike to the fullest:)

I hope you've enjoyed the photos, and feel inspired to take a trip to the Jefferson County Nature Center soon!  Thanks for the wonderful afternoon, Therese:)

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