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Maharishi Middle School Music and Sound Performance

Written by 8th grader Alista Wikle

On Wednesday, January 16th, at 7:00 PM, Maharishi Middle School presented the product of their latest project, Music and Sound. They performed original instrumental songs using instruments they had created. In addition, student music videos using original music, lyrics, and choreography were shown.

The Maharishi Middle School uses a project based curriculum. The purpose of the music project is to learn how physics and art combine to make music, and to work together productively. This project was preceded by a poetry unit designed as a bridge into lyric composition, which formed the basis for the final part of the music project. After learning the scientific aspect of music and sound through building instruments, students were put in groups of four to create two instrumental acoustic songs. The collection of acoustic songs was released on the new album, Mud. Now that the students had practiced withmusic and lyrics, they combined the two aspects of songwriting to create original teen pop songs. The Maharishi Middle School Record Label also released a Teen-Pop album that night, Socks and Sandals. The songs are available for digital download on their Google Play store.


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