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Laurie Bauman Reporting From Italy

I apologize for being out of touch for so long. I know everyone is interested in hearing about the girls' trip. The fact is we've been too busy to blog! Florence was glorious in everyway. We saw all the beautiful things we had planned to see and walked back and forth over the city until we were very familiar with it. We have many photos which we'll share when we return, including photos of the beautiful convent where we stayed and the nuns who became our friends.

During our Florentine stay, we met with two Italian Governors who showed us the famous Pitti Palace, home to the Medici's, and the beautiful Boboli Gardens. From the very top part of the gardens we could look out over the Tuscan countryside. The hills were dotted with olive trees. The farmhouses and villas in the distance were golden and reflected the golden light of the setting sun. Spectacular!

Afterwards we walked to a hall they had rented and had a sweet Spring Celebration with a group of meditators. The girls spoke about Maharishi School and we answered all the many questions the meditators had. One highlight of the celebration was an array of yummy Italian desserts. Since they served us, we were forced to overeat!

On Friday we took the fast train to Rome. And here we are, staying in Trastevere in a hostel for women. It will be great preparation for college living.....dorm rooms and showers down the hall. Today was a real highlight. We had a four hour tour of the Vatican. To describe our experience there would take much longer than a simple email or blog entry. It was breathtaking. Each of us had a favorite....ranging from paintings in some of the great halls to the Sistine Chapel to St. Peters Basilica to Michaelangel's Pieta...and on and on.

So, this is just a few notes...a teaser. The girls will be so excited to tell you all about their experiences when we return. They've been working on their presentations and are looking forward to the media event on Tuesday. We'll probably meet up with the boys sometime before that. Everyone's looking forward to seeing Dr. Deans as well.

Until we meet again....arrivederci.

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