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Laura Bordow Presents at IAEYC Conference

On Saturday, October 15, Laura Bordow was a presenter at the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children’s annual conference, held in Des Moines, Iowa and attended by over 500 early childhood educators. Maharishi Preschool teachers attending the conference were Armando Tejada, Fatima Akbar, Mala Ngethe and Chrissy Hunter.

The title of Laura’s presentation was, “Sticks, Stones, Mud & Pinecones: How to Teach Young Children through Nature.” Following is the description of the talk as described in the brochure:

Why is getting “messy” an important learning process for children as they play with sand, water, and mud? What skills are developed through feeling, touching, and building with natural materials like tree cookies, pinecones and sticks? What effect does connecting with nature have on the overall development of the young child? In this presentation you will learn about the importance of outdoor play. Take home new ideas to incorporate into your already existing play space, or find out how to create an Arbor Day certified Nature Explore Classroom, a dynamic, nature-based play and learning space.

The presentation was well attended and well received. With over 75 participants, Laura shared with the group an engaging PowerPoint presentation and discussed not only the benefits of outdoor play, but showed numerous slides of Maharishi Preschool’s premier outdoor learning environment. She was also given permission from the Arbor Day Foundation to use many of their slides and materials.

During the 90-minute presentation, Laura had the opportunity to share with the audience the benefits of Consciousness-Based education and how Maharishi School cultures 200% of life by developing the inner potential of the child, as well as outer success.

Maharishi Preschool teachers attended various workshops, including: “Creating Engaging Learning Environments: Hands on Circle Time”, “Powerful Projects: Supporting and Documenting Inquiry Learning in an Early Childhood Classroom, “ “Zoo Tots Curriculum”, and “Iowa Play Experience”.

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