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Laser Nite is a National Merit Semi-Finalist

Maharishi School senior, Laser Nite, has qualified as a National Merit Semi-Finalist. Motivated by his idea that “that knowledge can be applied to make the experience of consciousness more fulfilling and blissful” Laser has been rewarded by this academic association. The National Merit Society mission is to promote a wider and deeper respect for learning, for exceptionally talented individuals, and to spotlight them for scholarships. 1600 students are designated Semifinalists each year.

Nite says he would like to study science, engineering and business. Nite is also intrigued by the idea of collaboration on a web-based start-up company, “people work together synergistically to create fantastic products, and it is a really fun process.” Nite said he wants to“engage in creative progress towards greater happiness through expressing knowledge that helps people, and thus fulfills me.”



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