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Iowa Puppeteers Perform with Maharishi School Students

Maharishi School elementary students had the delightful opportunity to perform with the Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre Company from West Liberty, Iowa, on March 24. After participating in theater and puppet workshops on Monday and Tuesday, the fifth and sixth grade students helped perform "The Flea," with Ron Hillis, musician, Monica Leo and Pam Corcoran, puppeteers, and Johanne Gross, student intern. “The Flea” is a Spanish-American folk tale about a goat herder named Pedro who, with the help of an ant, a beetle and a mouse, wins an important contest and achieves his dream of joining a band. The show, performed in English and Spanish, was funny and full of surprises. The audience, comprised of children in preschool through fourth grade, teachers and parents, laughed and sang along.

The Eulenspiegel Puppets are known for their performances of international folktales, as well as for their high quality workshops and residencies for creating and manipulating many styles of puppets. The puppeteers from the Eulenspeigel Puppet Theatre have been active in the Iowa Arts Council's Artists-in-the-Schools Program since 1977.

This unique opportunity for Maharishi School students was funded in part through a grant from Iowa Arts Council, as well as a grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust fund.

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