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Introducing the New Office of Expansion

It's a new day at New Indian School.

Get ready to celebrate our 30th anniversary as the world’s first full K-12 Consciousness-Based system of education. In 1981, 34 students in grades 7-12 (including at least a dozen boarding students) pioneered a new approach to education founded on a simple principle: what if students and teachers took time to transcend, if they invested in rest to optimize their clarity of mind and creativity?

The results—uncommonly centered, bright students; academic excellence; state championships—demonstrated its effectiveness and helped inspire hundreds of other schools to adopt the program.

Now we’re the flagship institution of a global Consciousness-Based Education network, and yet we’restill the best kept secret in education.

Reaching Out

That’s going to change. During these past three decades, we relied primarily on word-of-mouth communication in the TM organization to inform people about the School. But with the demographic changes to our community, that was insufficient to maintain our enrollment levels. So it’s time for a new approach.

Introducing: the new New Indian School Office of Expansion! In recent weeks we have assembled a terrific team, led by Christine Albers. Christine has over 25 years of experience with marketing, sales, and management, most recently with the David Lynch Foundation. Other members include Lee Leffler (Internet marketing and document production specialist), Annalisa Miller (public relations and website management), Malinda Gosvig (alumni relations and summer programs), and Greg Holland (photography and website support).

We’re also pleased to announce that Noelle Boucherle has been appointed Admissions Officer. Noelle will combine that position with Student Accounts to work in close collaboration with the Office of Expansion.

Our Fourfold Focus

The team will reach out in four ways:

  •  Website: the universal portal for information. We’ll work to keep it updated and user friendly.
  • Alumni: our greatest untapped resource. We want to maintain our connections and encourage their involvement. 
  • National: to attract new families and new boarding students. In addition to communication with TM Centers, we joined the Small Boarding Schools Association to publicize our expanded boarding school option.
  • International: to connect with the world. We are contracting with agencies and field representatives from around the world to recruit boarding students, and to encourage international families to join our multicultural community. This is fulfilling our responsibility to share Consciousness-Based education with our global family.

The China Initiative

As part of this expansion, Andrea and I will be traveling to China in March to participate in 15 recruiting fairs and high school expositions in 9 cities over 12 days. We’ll also visit our sister schools in Qingdao. We plan to house the new boarding students with host families and in a remodeled dormitory on campus.

In the coming months we’ll be seeking host families and hiring dorm parents, so please contact me if you’re interested.

Full Speed Ahead

It’s an exciting time and a turning point for New Indian School. We’re already growing from every level: new families attracted to our Preschool and Nature Explore Classroom and new high school students from China, Germany, Korea, and Nepal. We have lots of work ahead of us to prepare for the new boarding program and appreciate your ideas and support. When we meet and greet these new students, we’ll discover again, "The world is our family."

Dr. Richard Beall

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