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Haiyin on Why Maharishi School Students Achieve So Much

In 2010 and 2011 nine students at our school won national awards or scholarships for their achievements in academic areas. Two students won such awards at the state level.

Twelve teams from our school were selected to compete at the state level in theater or speech.

Out of nine winners in art at the state level, five of them were from our school. At another contest for the southeast Iowa region, seven of our students won awards. One of our students won top honors in solo mime at the state level. Another one of our students won first prize in poetry at the state level.

And fifty-four of our students went to the global competition of DestiNation Imagination!

Our students are really good in soccer and tennis. Our soccer team won the league championship; and last year our tennis coach was named ‘coach of the year’ for the whole US. So, of course, our tennis players are some of the best.

And these awards are just for the last two years. In the last thirty years our students have garnered more top-ten finishes at the global finals of creative problem-solving competitions than any other school in the world.

We are a very small school in a very small town in southeast Iowa in the middle of cornfields. We only have 200 students! And we don’t have a special admissions policy where we take only the best. We pretty much accept everyone who applies. And in America you can’t pay someone to get an award, pass a test, or get a good grade. So, why are our students so good? What is going on here?

All of our students practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) and our school provides "Consciousness-based Education." I will explain each of these briefly.

Our students all meditate twice each day. Some people think that TM is a religion, but that is not at all true. In any case, it should be clear that religious beliefs would not produce this kind of excellence in all fields. TM is a simple mental technique that releases stress and that allows individuals to experience directly the infinite reservoir of the total creative potential within everyone. Regularly experiencing this reservoir increases intelligence according to scientific research. For more information, please see our website ( or Google scientific research on TM.

Consciousness-based Education means that we teach every subject in the light of what our founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has called the “Science of Creative Intelligence” (SCI). One of our students, Melinda Schindler (class of 2002) has answered the question as to “What is Creative Intelligence” very simply: “The Science of Creative Intelligence takes basic principles of life and shows how there is a unified wholeness underlying the diversity of the world. SCI allows me to connect everything together by giving me the experience that the various academic disciplines are all expressions of my own intelligence.” Again, you can find more information at our website.

In my own life I have noticed that TM makes it easier for me to be calm. When I’m calm, I can focus better and study better.

But the most amazing thing to me is that our students can win so many prizes even when our school is so small and has an open admissions policy!

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