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Haiyin: Fundraising For the Senior Trip to Italy

Every year in our school, the seniors go on a trip together. Last year the girls went to Thailand. Our goal was to travel to somewhere in Europe. But where we can go depends on how much money we can raise.

One of the most interesting customs in America is the practice of fundraising. I had heard about fundraising in China. The first time I heard about it was in a Disney cartoon. Donald Duck’s nephews were fundraising for their Boy Scout troop. I thought it may be possible, but not in China.

So when I heard that we had to do some fundraising, I did not believe that we could raise enough money for the trip. Our goal was to raise $2,500 for each girl! Who would give us money?!

The first thing we did was to create a calendar. Each page was either a photograph of a master copy done by one of our seniors. Our class made $5,183 selling calendars.

We also organized a senior talent show. We worked for two months to put this show together. The boys and girls together practiced the Finale, which was a choral and dance number. We worked almost every weekend. Everyone had a different idea about which song we should choose. In the end, we took everyone’s suggestion and mixed them in a medley. Ryan, one of the boys, did it on his computer. Tati, who is our school’s drama, singing, and speech coach, helped us to put all the parts of the finale together. We had a lot of fun doing that.

We have some talented students in our class, and they put together their own performances. Sky, from the boys’ class, was Hip-pop champion in Canada, so of course he put together a really great dance. Penelope, from the girls’ class, has training in opera singing. She sang an aria. Atreya and Paavani from the senior class, and Hifza, a ninth grade girl are all from India or Pakistan, so they did a Bollywood dance number. Three senior girls, Elisia, Tara, and Dodi were joined by Jonina, a girl from the junior class, and the four of them did a ballet number. Ryan and Holden from the boys’ class did a comedy improvisation routine. It had me laughing so hard! And one week before the performance, I was supposed to be singing a Chinese song. But one day they wanted me to include a little bit of dancing in my song, and when they saw me dance, they decided that I should forget the song and just do a Chinese dance solo.

I heard afterwards that a dance teacher in Fairfield was moved to tears by my dance, and also a Chinese lady said the same thing. My English teacher told me that Sky’s performance and mine were the only two she still remembers a month later. I was very proud. After the show, many people were telling us that ours was the best senior talent show they remembered. We made $10,000.

Currently, the senior girls are working at a local factory that makes stone mosaics for walls and floors in important buildings. The factory belongs to the parents of one of our senior girls. We are folding cardboard boxes for them. We don’t know yet how much we are going to make on this job.

Our class very recently decided we will go to Italy. The girls will go to Florence and Rome; the boys will go to Sicily. I have no idea why they want to go to Sicily.

So, we are raising enough money to go to Italy! I am really amazed that we could do this. I guess that if a group of people decides to work together, they can accomplish anything.


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