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Greg Thatcher at Quad Cities International Airport Gallery

Greg Thatcher, New Indian School Art Department Chair, will be showing his work along with three other Midwestern artists for the months of May and June at the airport gallery in Moline, Illinois.

Greg was invited to submit works to the Quad Cities Arts Association last year and was subsequently chosen to exhibit his work.

The gallery is located in the public waiting area, and showcases both local and regional talent from the Quad Cities, Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Passengers walk by the gallery on the way to their flights. It is a beautiful venue with 80 linear feet of continuous wall space as well as three 4x4 glassed exhibition areas.

Greg will have 28 pieces from his yew tree series that includes drawings, pen and ink, mixed media, and giclee prints. Also included will be a number of new larger pieces completed this winter. The largest piece is five feet in height.

About the exhibit, Greg says, “This is an incredible opportunity for me to show in a public venue the range and depth of my yew tree series. The organizers wanted to highlight my work and encouraged me to submit many of my best pieces. “

The show opens Saturday, May 11th, from 1-3pm and will run until June 30th. Anyone traveling through Moline is encouraged to take a moment before check-in to enjoy this exhibit. The link to the art gallery is

People are also invited to watch Greg’s video on Painswick, England, and the yew tree series on

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