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Graduating Class of 2012

With great jubilation the Maharishi School class of 2012 celebrated their graduation over four days from June 7-10.

The graduation address was given by alumna, Heather Hartnett, Communications Director of the David Lynch Foundation Television, and a member of the School Board of Trustees. 

“People are desperate for solutions to bring real change. You have a tool [Transcendental Meditation] that can bring life-transforming change,” Harnett said to the graduates. She cited a recent Forbes Magazine article that said stress is like the black plague of our generation. After working in New York City and traveling the world with to provide support to communities whose quality of life is suffering from stress, Hartnett said that “TM is literally saving lives by reducing chronic stress by 50%.” She encouraged the graduates to be proud of their Consciousness-Based education, telling them not to take it for granted. 

Hartnett urged the graduates to reach out to alumni for support, guidance, career connections and to be a part of efforts to bring relief to areas of the world where people are most traumatized by stress.

Hartnett offered a challenge to the class of 2012: “Be true to yourself, listen to yourself, remember where you came from. You have something that ‘successful’ people are looking for. You are special but the caveat is to follow your bliss and be true to yourself.”

In his charge to the graduates, Dr. Richard Beall, School Head, said, ”We all want you to pursue your passion and dharma [life purpose]. You have the formula, wisdom, and technology [of Transcendental Meditation]. All that is left is to go out these doors and be great.”

Award Recipients

In the girls’ class, the honor of Valedictorian was shared by Pearl Sawheny and Minna Mohammadi. In the boys’ class Thomas Weiss was Valedictorian and Paul DeAngelis was Salutatorian. 

Each year the Pioneer Award is given to the students who exhibit excellence and balance in all areas of life: consciousness, respectful and uplifting attitude to all, extracurricular passions and academic achievement. This year’s recipients were Minna Mohammadi and Thomas Weiss.

Department Awards:

  • Governor’s Scholar Award in recognition of highest academic achiever for first seven semesters: Minna Mohammadi 
  • Virginia Buckley Special Arts Award given to the top art student who is actively seeking a career as an artist: Nicolas Martina
  • Visual Arts Award: Kennidy Stood
  • Performing Arts Award: Essa Johnson, Jonina Thorsteinsdottir and Paul DeAngelis
  • English Award: Minna Mohammadi and Thomas Weiss
  • Mathematics Award: Minna Mohammadi and Runzhao Xie
  • Science Award: Pearl Sawhney and Thomas Weiss
  • Social Studies: Caroline Fulcher and Toby James
  • Foreign Language Award: Jonina Thorsteinsdottir and Runzhao Xie
  • Science of Creative Intelligence Award: Kennidy Stood and Thomas Weiss
  • Citizenship Award from the Iowa State Bar Association for the most outstanding showing of the highest qualities of citizenship and understanding of the basic principles and fundamentals of the constitutional form of government of the United States of America. Includes a plaque, medal & $100 scholarship: Minna Mohammadi
  • Physical Education Award: Jonina Thorsteinsdottir and Runzhao Xie
  • Athletic Hall of Fame for students who displayed outstanding athletic achievement throughout their high school years: Essa Johnson and Thomas Weiss
  • Paul Eskenazi Award for student who displayed motivation and dedication to sports throughout their high school years: Minna Mohammadi and Paul DeAngelis
  • Consciousness Awards: Runzhao Xie, Pearl Sawhney and Thomas Weiss
  • World Peace Awards: Pearl Sawhney, Kennidy Stood, Deborah Stuken, Nusha Swan, Avery Travis, Paul DeAngelis, Mickey DeAngelis, Raphael Gelfand,Thomas Weiss

Acheivement Awards are Voted on by 10th, 11th, & 12th students

  • Happiness Award: Pearl Sawhney and Paul DeAngelis
  • Creativity Award: Kennidy Stood and Dillon Evertsen
  • Leadership Award: Minna Mohammadi and Thomas Weiss
  • Service Award: Caroline Fulcher and Thomas Weiss

Special Awards

  • Paul Eskenazi Coach of the Year Award: Lawrence Eyre and Laurie Eyre
  • Distinguished Service Award for adults who contribute significantly to Maharishi School: John Dey and Paul Praither of Everybody’s Whole Foods  

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