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From Haiyin: Feeling At Home in America

This month is my 5th month in America. I really enjoy life here.

Before I came, I always heard people say it is really hard to be a friend of an American if you are not American yourself. At first, I worried about it, but when I got to school here, everyone was so helpful and friendly! People let me feel I’m a part of them.

I also heard America is really dangerous. My parents worried all the time before I came to Fairfield. Two days after I came here, I told them this town is such a safe place. It is much safer than Beijing. Let me tell you something about how I knew it is really safe here. The first day in Fairfield, my host sister Pandy and her best friend Penelope (now also my close friend) took me to see the town in Pandy’s car. She parked the car near the bookstore of the university, and I noticed that she didn’t lock the car and she even left the window open! Then I asked her, ‘You don’t need to lock your car and close the window?’ And Pandy just said, ‘Why?’ After that I noticed people often leave their cars unlocked in Fairfield because nobody will steal the car or anything left in it.

One day Pandy lost her wallet at a big event. I thought that there is no way to find it, but half an hour later someone called her mother and said that she found Pandy’s wallet. So Pandy’s mom went to meet the lady and got the wallet back. All the money, the credit card, and the ID card were still there.

Photo by Werner Elmker of Haiyin (right) with classmates Coco and Jhana at the senior talent show.

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