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Experience A Day in Our Life at Maharishi School

Experience A Day in Our Life at Maharishi School


Welcome to Maharishi School. I'd like to extend a personal invitation for you to experience a day in the life of Maharishi School students.

To register for our next Open House on Dec. 5, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or check out Visit Us to see a schedule of Open Houses.

What is a normal day at our school? Our students begin arriving at 8:15 am. They come on foot, by bike, or car, or are dropped off by parents. But they don’t go directly to class. Instead, they climb three flights of stairs to an open, light-filled meditation room where they begin their morning program: some yoga asanas (postures) to settle the physiology; pranayama, a simple breathing exercise that settles the mind; and then, most importantly, their practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Immediately the air settles in the room and a palpable silence fills the space. Not just the absence of sound, but a feeling of fullness and lively alertness. Sitting with them, you too feel drawn inward. After their morning Transcendental Meditation program, the students who walk into their classrooms are not the same ones who walked into the building 45 minutes earlier. Their physiology has changed. They’ve systematically prepared their mind and body for study. Their teachers had better be prepared, because these kids are awake and ready to learn.

The Birthplace of Consciousness-Based Education (CBE)

Thirty years ago, when Maharishi School pioneered this innovative approach to learning, it was the only high school in the world where students and teachers took time to transcend as preparation for optimal learning. Now schools across the country and around the world are investing in this quality of rest that pays dividends throughout the day—through their practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Recently I met with representatives of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools in India, a consortium of 151 schools with over 100,000 students practicing the TM program. In March of 2012 our seniors visited a school in Italy where students were enjoying the same advantage, practicing the same simple but powerful program. Our seniors have also visited CBE schools in Brazil, Thailand, Costa Rica and Canada. There are a dozen public schools in the U.S. that offer “Quiet Time” programs with Transcendental Meditation for students and teachers. They all know the secret.


“Maharishi School is an incredible learning environment,” Class of 2012 Alumna, Jonina Thorsteindottir, explains. “People accept you for who you are, and everyone is extremely welcoming to new students. We all have this underlying foundation, and that is our TM practice. So whether you are into theater or sports or science, at the end of the day we are all really good friends. This is an opportunity that should be available to every child, no matter what their situation is.”


200% of Life (Dr. Beall Continues)

A mathematician might take exception, but nothing better summarizes what I see on a daily basis with Consciousness-Based Education at Maharishi School than the phrase, “200% of life.”
Our students tackle a college preparatory curriculum that has earned them a host of academic honors and admission into top universities nationwide. That’s the outer 100%, where we strive for high achievement in every external field of life—but it’s only half the story.

Our kids have a bonus. No other school in America has the complement of programs we offer for 100% inner development. No other school provides the “verticality” of thinking that becomes so familiar to our students who twice a day dive deep into the subtler, more creative levels of their own consciousness. They are not just filling their minds with information, as if they were empty vessels. They are expanding and exploring their consciousness, and the results are deeper ideas—what iconic movie director David Lynch calls “Catching the Big Fish.” And this depth of thinking doesn’t just affect academics and creative undertakings; it establishes a foundation for deeper relationships with peers, teachers, family, and society as well.

That’s our 200% of school life: high scores, lofty accomplishments, close and harmonious relationships, and uncommon insight into the unlimited potential of human consciousness. That’s the magic that comes from taking time to transcend, to tend to the neurophysiological basis of learning.

And that's why all of us at Maharishi School invite you to visit us. See for yourself how Consciousness-Based Education looks, up close and personal.

We hope to meet you at our next Open House. You can also register to visit on a day that is convenient for you - just email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). See a list of upcoming Open Houses on our VISIT US page.

Maharishi School is accredited by the State of Iowa and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. Dr. Richard Beall was a founding faculty member of the high school in 1981 and returned in 2008 as the Head of School.

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