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Earth Day Assembly

Fairfield’s Sustainability Director, Scott Timm, was the guest speaker for Earth Day.

Scott began with a discussion of resources and energy consumption in Iowa and in Fairfield. He said that for long-term sustainability the United States needs to change its use of resources and energy infrastructure. Iowa is a small state, but Iowa uses more energy that its neighboring states, and its electricity source is mainly from burning coal which releases carbon into the atmosphere.

In an effort to lower the local energy consumption, Fairfield has weatherized about 50 homes so far, with 250 now trained to do this. Also, Alliant Energy has sponsored a city grant for $70,000 that Scott’s team has leveraged to about $4 million is awards for sustainability projects.

Scott encouraged students to help with a tree planting project at Chautauqua Park for Earth Day. On Sunday, all the oak trees that did not survive last summer’s drought will be replanted by volunteers. This will be the closing event in the EcoFairfield week-long celebration.

Also at the assembly, Mr. Tessema’s chemistry class did a “name that element” presentation, and Mr. Cook’s sustainability class talked about the refinements of up-cycling or re-purposing versus recycling down.

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