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Dr. Calderon, Lower School Students, Aid Vietnamese Children

Last month Dr. Raul Calderon, Maharishi University of Management professor and former teacher and coach at Maharishi School, met with lower school students and shared his vision for helping impoverished children in Vietnam. The students responded by donating enough books and toys for about 50-60 children.

During his travels to Vietnam several years ago, Dr. Calderon was intrigued by the young, ethnic minority children selling home-made souvenirs on the streets to help support their families."These children were obviously very intelligent, they had taught themselves English and were self-sufficient enough to travel from their villages into the main tourist town of Sapa (a small mountain resort town located in northwest Vietnam) where they stayed on their own for days at a time." Dr. Calderon began to wonder, "where were their families? Did they have any access to education at all? What future did they have?" The following year he traveled back to Sapa in search of two of the little Hmong girls, Su and La, that he had met the previous year. Since that time he has become a friend of the girls and their families and has provided some financial and educational support.

On his most recent trip to Southeast Asia, Dr. Calderon created a relationship with the director of UNESCO in Ho Chi Min City, Miss Hanh. Miss Hanh has recently learned TM, as have many of her staff. UNESCO, the cultural and educational branch of the United Nations, works with underserved and underprivileged children from rural communities. When Dr. Calderon asked Miss Hanh what he could do to help the children that UNESCO works with, she said that they are working on a toy/book drive for several communities and are looking for partners to help with this project.

The books and toys collected by Maharishi School students are waiting to be shipped to Vietnam but it will cost about $250 to ship the box. If you would be interested in contributing toward the shipping cost (any amount is welcome) please contact Dr. Calderon at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call him at 641-472-7000 x3328.

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