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Dr. Beall Reporting From the Senior Trip in Costa Rica

At the risk of breaking some frozen hearts, I am writing from Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica, where the senior boys are concluding their trip....on a 95 degree heat and humidity. No, we are not complaining. And, yes, we heard that Iowa's unending Winter of 2013 has delivered yet another snow.

A couple of weeks ago I was in China, explaining to our current parents the old expression about March: in like a lion, out like a lamb. We return home late Wednesday night, and hopefully we'll bring some gentle lamb-like weather.

It has been a great trip for both girls and boys, starting together with a visit to Liceo de Nicoya, a high school in Guanacaste province. The students connected with their peers despite the language differences and more than 25 signed up that day to learn the TM technique.

The girls are now in the rainforest where we spent the first half of our trip. They are staying at and touring Tom and Terri Newmark's Finca Luna Nueva Lodge and organic farm and seed sanctuary. It is an amazing collection of tropical plants with food and medicinal value, a glimpse into the abundant diversity of the rainforest ecosystem. We are eager to share pictures and stories when we share the trip with the community there who so generously supported the seniors' fundraising efforts.

We have also gone paddleboarding on Lake Arenal, gazing up at the active volcano that towers nearby. We've hiked over hanging bridges, rappelled through canyons and over waterfalls, and swam in an aqua blue rainforest river and hot springs. Costa Rica is a magical paradise, committed to preserving their spectacular natural resources and their peaceful heritage, as one of the few countries with no standing army.

Our seniors will return inspired by the sustainable practices and the natural wonders they have experienced...and maybe with a little sunburn. I hope that makes you feel better about my interrupting the blizzard with this sunny report.

Thank you again for supporting the Class of 2013, and enjoy your Spring Vacation.


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