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Dr. Beall in China

The clock? It's still ticking, but now it's recording memories of our days in China. 

The Great Wall

We've been here four days and haven't stopped moving. In fact, I began this blog on our mini-bus en route to the Great Wall. We caught our first glimpse of this antiquity about an hour from the city, snaking up the rugged ridge line of 4000-foot mountains. It was a spectacular day: crystal clear blue sky and a cool breeze, just enough to make us bundle up as we started our ascent of the Wall and warm enough to have us peeling clothes within a few minutes. The steps are extreme: steep, tall, uneven, and carved with the footsteps of millions over the ages. Along the way there are lookout towers, and each successive stop gave an ever-expanding panoramic view of the valley below and the wall extending itself up the opposite slope. It was a precious day for all of us.

Colleagues in Recruitment

We're traveling with a fascinating group of school leaders from across the country. Their schools are diverse in size and mission, but united in the high quality of representatives on this trip. We're constantly exchanging school experiences and learning from each other. So while in a way we are competitors, in reality we all want what's best for the students: the best possible school fit.

Temple of Heaven

Our first excursion was to the Temple of Heaven. Our Jefferson County farm friends would be impressed. The structures, about 400 years old, were designed to pay homage to the heavens for a good harvest. There is a circular wall, about 200 feet diameter, where a spoken message on one side reverberates to a point directly opposite on the wall. It's an impressive example of the age-old engineering in this culture that boggles the mind.

Forbidden City

Nowhere is that more evident than in the Forbidden City. This walled fortress or compound houses over 800 buildings with ornate designs and decorations. It's almost unimaginable that this could have been constructed in 14 years. In fact, the current renovation project underway in Forbidden City will take 15 years to complete!

The Recruitment Response

We’ve attended just 3 of the 15 school fairs on this trip, but we’re already convinced of the value of being here. We’re meeting terrific students and parents: motivated, concerned, appreciative of Maharishi School, and eager to learn English and prepare for an American college education. After we meet, the students complete our application and then we interview them. The entire trip would be worth the session we had tonight with a prospective student. She was so bright, lively, and excited about Maharishi School that I wanted to enroll her on the spot.

Our community is going to be blessed and thrilled by these new additions. I look forward to sharing more about them and our trip in the days to come.

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