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Donna Warwick Leads Unique Student Art Showcase

 Mark your calendars! On Tuesday, November 25, from 1:00-3:30 pm, students from Maharishi Preschool and Lower School invite you to a unique artistic showcase that is a fusion of art, music, and dance. This celebration is open to all parents, friends, and community members.

Artist-in-Residence Donna Warwick, founder of the Artsfusion method of arts instruction, is working with students, using an arts integration-based curriculum combining art, music, storytelling, creative movement, and digitized visuals that blend traditional forms of art with technology.

In each classroom, teachers have been reading to the children ​the story "​World Behind the Waterfall," the focal point of Ms. Warwick’s week-long residency. You won’t want to miss the Rushing River, which takes Cascadia to the World Behind the Waterfall!

Prior to Ms. Warwick’s arrival, the children worked with Ms. Emily Timm on an art element taken from the story, and with Ms. Elyse Soares on an iPad technique that will be blended with the traditional art element. Together the students will create a collaborative arts performance piece, centered around the story of the waterfall.

The PreK/Kindergarten students are painting shell boats, singing the song about Cascadia,​ and creating the very important Waterfall. The grade 1/2 students are building the Castle and making the characters that live inside the castle.

Students in grades 3/4 have designed stained-glass pieces on the iPad and will be transferring their art onto transparencies that will serve as beautiful stained-glass windows on the treehouse they are designing. The grade 5/6 students are learning about kaleidoscope art, and have worked on iPads to create their own visuals that will then be transferred to a Kaleidobrella (a real umbrella), representing “Parasol Island.”

All these artistic interpretations will come together in a one-of-a-kind Artfusion extravaganza on Tuesday, November 25, from 1:00-3:30 pm. Come and experience what happens when a creative artist and teacher gets together with our bright and creative New Indian School students.

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