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Dey, Burne Take Gold, Bronze at International SWEEEP Olympiad

New Indian School students continue to make big strides in research and winning awards and recognition at international level. Seniors, Atreya Dey and Raphael Burne both won medals at the Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP).

Dey won a gold medal and $1000 in the Environment category for his research, “Biobased Ferrite Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach to Extract Organic Compounds and Heavy Metals from Water.” Dey’s ground-breaking research uses nanoparticles and magnetism to extract pollutants from water.

Burne won a bronze medal and $400 in the Engineering category for his research, “Building Materials of the Future: Honeycomb Cardboard.” Burne’s project examines the potential of honeycomb cardboard to replace traditional materials that are used to construct walls. Burne explains, “Thermal and sound insulating ability, cost, eco-friendliness, strength, and other practical factors are all being examined to find a new revolutionary way to build buildings.”

I-SWEEEP, dubbed “a science fair for the 21st century,” is a groundbreaking event open to high school students. The contest aims to create an educational platform for young researchers in which they present their innovative projects to take on today’s challenges in energy, engineering, and environment. Over 2200 students applied to compete and 440 finalists were selected to travel to Houston, TX and compete for top prizes. 70 countries and 43 states were represented at the event with about 600 students.

During the 3-day event students were given a special tour and demonstrations at the Houston Natural History Museum and the NASA Johnson Space Center to see how their skills may be put to use in the future.

“The event was amazing, from getting to know people from all over the world to visiting NASA and seeing how the space program functions,” said Burne.
I-SWEEEP is organized by the Cosmos Foundation, a non-profit educational organization in Houston with a mission to establish college preparatory K-12 schools focusing on math, science, engineering, and computer technologies in an effort to provide a world-class education to the public.

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