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Coming to America

My name is Haiyin. I come from Beijing, but now I study at an American private boarding school. This is a picture of me with my host family. I’m a senior student here, and this year is also my first year in this school. People always think I’m really brave because, in America, the senior year has a lot of challenges. We need to apply to colleges, and we are the oldest students at the school, so we have a lot of responsibilities for the school and also for ourselves.

Before I came to America, I worried about everything. I didn’t know what would happen, I was not sure Maharishi School would be a good choice forme. Also I didn’t know how I would be able to make friends here and how to live together with my American classmates. But now I’m so proud of my choice.

Back in China, I was an outstanding student at school. I was a leader in our school’s student council; we organized events and decided important issues for our school. For example, we organized a competition of photography. I organized a fund raising for the RedCross. We decided how to make our winter formal look really awesome, and so on. My job was to make sure that our student council kept running. I got some awards at school; they are for the most important, outstanding leadership student, or some of these are for the student good at some subject. I’m a cheerful person; I have a lot of hobbies. I’m good at singing, dancing, cooking, painting, playing basketball, and speech. I really enjoy these; these also make me confident.

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