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Bimba Shrestha Reports on the Intel International Science Fair

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair has been a once in a lifetime experience for me. I got a chance to look around LA, talk with Nobel Prize winners about their successes and failures, and meet scientists and engineers from over 70 different countries. I don't know if I have ever been to anything as inspiring as Intel ISEF. The speakers, the students, the learning atmosphere there is like no other. The projects there are all groundbreaking in their own right, and to be able to see people my age tackling problems like breast cancer, tuberculosis, and blindness has been incredible to say the least. Everyone there has come out of the experience wanting to find some way to change the future.

I was also one of the 100 participants selected to be video interviewed twice by Intel and once by Make Magazine. Intel just released one of their official videos showcasing the highlights yesterday and I appear in it around 1:22.







Here is another video explaining what ISEF is about.

They will let me know when the other two videos I'm in are released but for now, I've attached some pictures from the trip.

I made friends with people from all over the globe and got to know some of the people from across the state better. Here is the iowa gang :D. 

Intel ISEF 2014 has been, simply put, AWESOME. After seeing the level of dedication present in the 1784 participants there, I plan to start working on my next Science Fair project right away.  

Read more about Bimba's engineering project and his successes at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair and at the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa.

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