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BikeFest and GreenFest Are Huge Successes

BikeFest and GreenFest Are Huge Successes

“This year’s BikeFest was a huge success,” according to Springli Johnson, Director of Development. Friday, October 14 was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. The children collectively logged hundreds of miles, raising thousands of dollars for Maharishi School’s annual budget. Many teachers and parents participated in the BikeFest and everyone enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Thank you to everyone who rode their bikes for Maharishi School.

Thursday, October 13, was also a sunny Autumn day, perfect for our students to be out and about for GreenFest, making wonderful contributions to the community. The Upper School boys weatherized homes in downtown Fairfield. Some students planted trees for the Peace Palace, others fixed up the Maharishi School and MUM greenhouses by cleaning up debris, building a shed, and planting bulbs. The Upper School girls started the beautification of the HVAC building by painting the outside. Thank you to all the students who participated in GreenFest!
Many thanks to Scott Timm, who reports directly to Mayor Ed Malloy as the person in charge of Fairfield’s green programs. Scott personally trained our junior and senior boys on how to prepare the houses for the winter to make them energy efficient.


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