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Big Ideas and Vertical Thinking at Maharishi School

From Issue 6 by Dr. Richard Beall - April 2012

As Head of Maharishi School, people commonly ask me, “What is different about Maharishi School?” We’re a college prep school, so our students learn about quadratic equations, cell mitosis, literary analysis, historical perspective, and all the rest.

But what makes learning at Maharishi School unique? In one word, I’d say, “verticality.” 

Levels of the Mind

Most of our students have been meditating since they were ten years old, the youngest age to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique. Experiencing deeper levels of the mind is as common to them as brushing their teeth, because they experience refined thinking every day in their TM practice.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, our awareness is active and outward, dealing with the demands of the day. Our minds stay incessantly active, until it’s time for sleep. That goes for students as well.

When new students attend our school and learn the TM technique, they’re surprised to discover that beneath the active surface of their minds is a calm, steady, silent field waiting to welcome them. They discover verticality, their mind’s innate ability to dive to deeper levels, to transcend.


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