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Artist of the Week: Isis Timm

Artist of the Week - Isis Timm, Grade 1

Our featured artist this week is Isis Timm, and we'd like to share her engraved tile depicting a Canadian Goose in flight.

Isis chose her image from a book and with the help of her mother, art teacher Emily Timm, she learned to draw the image using the Lower School drawing curriculum.  Isis explains, "It looked really cool when I saw it in the book so I just asked my mom to give me a step by step.   I made the Canadian Goose drawing and then I pinned it onto a square of clay."

After Isis drew and pinned her goose she needed to transfer her image to the unfired clay tile.  " I took the paper and then I took a pin and dotted it on all my lines.  I took the paper up and then I drawed on the dots to connect them." 

After the tile was fired, Isis painted on her glazes and waited to see how the piece would turn out after firing.  Her verdict?  "I loved it!"

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