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Artist of the Week: Eliot Gamble

Artist of the Week - Eliot Gamble, Grade 3


Eliot Gamble Bird ArtOur featured artist this week is third grader Eliot Gamble, who really wowed us with his exuberant tropical bird drawing.  The illustration and colors are eye catching, and the three page, vertical format draws the viewer in with detail after detail, presented in harmonious balance. 

Eliot worked longer and harder on this drawing than any he has done before.  He explains, "First I made the birds but I didn't color them, then I started coloring in all the details in the birds, then I did the sky.  It took a really long time, it took me three art classes for all of the birds and then three art classes for the three papers of sky."  That's a cumulative six hours of work on one piece - impressive focus and dedication from a third grader! 

Eliot Gamble Toucan Detail

Eliot was very gratified to see his work hung at our Second Quarter Showcase last night.  He reports, "I felt really good, it was exciting! My mom will probably frame it!"  Eliot's work was just one of the many creative pieces our students presented last night, we are so proud of all their hard work!  We hope to see you in April for our Third Quarter Showcase, so you can view more art from Eliot and all his friends. 


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