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Artist of the Week: Autumn Watson

Artist of the Week - Autumn Watson, Grade 6  

"I'm really proud of my ceramics because in third grade when I started I wasn't very good and I didn't know how to do anything, but now I can make things really easily and I'm really happy with my art work!"                                           

  Maharishi School sixth grader Autumn Watson has been working with clay for three years now, and we are loving her progress! Her latest work, a fluted pink and white dish, is a gift for her mother. We just had to share with you because the joy of making something for a loved one, or being the person who receives the gift, is something we hope you've all experienced. The happiness represented by such a small object is simply enormous: the joy of teaching and learning, the fun of creating, thinking about a loved one while you work, the anticipation of waiting for your piece to be complete, the thrill when it comes out the way you pictured, and finally the joy of giving and receiving.

Autumn's dish will be on display at our second quarter showcase, along with many other excellent student projects. We hope to see you there!                                                                   

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