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Another Big Sweepstakes Win for Lucinda Hall

“Looks like this was my year to win technology.” Lucinda Hall has won another computer prize for the Maharishi School. She won five thousand dollars worth of products from Hewlett-Packard, and she selected 15 mini laptops and one projector. These will go into her classroom to make her teaching 21st century.

The competition was called the HP Amazing contest, offered through Huffington Post, and she was one of ten winners which were voted on by the public. It had to include a picture and an essay on what amazing thing you would do if you had the HP products. Lucinda wrote about what she would do in her classroom, and although the prize was to her she is donating it to the school. She says that she asked for a lot in the essay, not knowing how much the prize was, but is happy with the results.

“I am so excited to have this in my class,” said Lucinda. “It fits my style of teaching, where we read from books, discuss, and the put notes or projects on our websites. Or we read a full-length play and watch it from a DVD. I can hardly wait to get everything installed. Now I just need an interactive whiteboard to be completely tech.”

Lucinda's winning submission:

Make My Classrooms Digital!

One hundred of your best words. Add pictures. Add music. Push “Play.”

I teach high school English in Iowa, and I want to make my classrooms digital. What would I do? Make my assignments 21st century:

Read and Tweet: students read their assignment and tweet main points to my website. For this I need HP digital projectors so the kids can see the main points arriving in on the screen.

Scribe and Send: students write their papers at the computer and email them to me. I use a digital editing program to give them feedback. For this I need 50 HP laptops.

Explore and Report: it’s presentation time, and students are analyzing, mind mapping, and writing. This all goes into a graphic presentation. For this I need 42 inch LCD HDTVs.

Once my classrooms are digital, we will use Google tools, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and more to learn and express knowledge in a way the kids love. Please vote my classroom into this century. Help me create global citizens.


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