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Ambassador from Nepal Addresses Student Assembly

Maharishi School was honored to have  the distinguished Nepalese Ambassador, Mr. Pramesh Hamal, address the student body on Monday, October 10.  Mr. Hamal is the Nepalese Ambassador to Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Brussels, and also the uncle of student Praman Hamal. He toured the school with his wife, Sangeeta, and gave an inspiring address to the Middle and Upper School students.

After greeting the students with the traditional greeting, “Namaste," he told the student body that Nepal is one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of its magnificent geography. Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world at 8,848 meters, plus eight other mountain peaks over 8,000 meters high, grace this beautiful country.

In Nepal, Hindus and Buddhists exist side by side in harmony, he told the students. The same temples are common to people of both religions. “I was born in a Hindu family,” he said, “but I visit the Buddhist monastery and Buddhists visit the Hindu Temples. Why do we live in harmony? Because our philosophy is that we love each other and respect each other.”

The harmony begins in the home, he continued. “We teach our children that home is their first school and their parents are their first Gurus.” He explained that “Gu” from the word Guru, means darkness and “Ru” means illumination. Therefore, the role of parents is to be the first teachers, bringing light to their children and eliminating darkness.

“In our tradition children know to respect their elders, how to maintain discipline, and remain moral in their character. Now we have the influence of western culture, but traditionally we always focus on our character and believe it is our greatest fortune. Even if one makes a mistake, one can always make the correction,” he said.

Ambassador Hamal spoke about how he learned the Transcendental Meditation technique.

“I have met many distinguished persons in the international arena,” he said. “I have met Pope John Paul II, Sai Baba, and others, but the person I met in Katmandu in 1974 changed my entire thinking and philosophy. He was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.”

Maharishi brought the first broadcast TV station to Nepal and set it up on the tallest Buddhist temple. Hundreds of jeeps drove around the country with TV receptor screens on the back, announcing a free introductory lecture on the TM program. Maharishi personally instructed 28,000 Nepalese citizens within two weeks’ time, and the Ambassador was one of them. He has been regularly meditating ever since.

Ambassador Hamal concluded with a recitation of some inspiring Sanskrit expressions, which he translated as follows:

“Lead us from the unreal to real,
From untruth to truth,
From unconsciousness to consciousness,
From darkness to light.”

He explained that teachers, parents and elders would lead the students from darkness to light. He concluded with one last inspiring expression:

“May all of you gain happiness and peace.”

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