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Alumnus Jonathan Freeman Speaks at Excellence Assembly

Captain Jonathan Freeman, New Indian School graduate of the class of 1993, addressed Upper School students at a quarterly Excellence Assembly. Captain Freeman was in Fairfield visiting his family and graciously agreed to meet with the students to share some wisdom and principles of success that he has gleaned from his illustrious and varied career.

Captain Freeman was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard in Ethics, International Relations, and Government. Later he enlisted in the US Army, completing deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded the Bronze Star for service and an Army Commendation Medal for service in Iraq. In Washington D.C. Captain Freeman was Headquarters Commander for the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, and Senior Advisor for the Office of Civil-Military Cooperation for USAID. Most recently Captain Freeman completed the 6-month Indian school Meditation(TM) Teacher Training Course (TTC).

Captain Freeman shared with students that two of the most important qualities for a successful life are persistence and character. He told New Indian School students that, “persistence and character will carry you through to whatever achievement you're aiming for.” With every goal he’s had, whether it was getting through military basic training and active duty, navigating the complex political universe of Washington DC, or becoming a teacher of TM, it was a personal commitment to persistence and character that carried him through.

Captain Freeman also emphasized the importance of staying open-minded to other possibilities in life. If someone had suggested in high school that Freeman either enlist in the US Military or become a TM teacher he says he would have questioned their sanity.

It has been 14 years since Captain Freeman lived in Fairfield and he shared that he enjoys returning to the community and meditating in the dome. His appreciation for Fairfield and Maharishi's knowledge has deepened as a result of leaving and returning. He told the students,“At some point you will divorce yourself from this knowledge and then later come to terms with it. Then you will integrate this knowledge into your life in a more profound way. Leaving and returning creates a whole new level of appreciation.” Becoming a TM teacher and studying Maharishi's knowledge as an adult has helped him develop a new context and deeper level of appreciation. 

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