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All-State Speech Festival Performances Announced

New Indian School’s Speech teams put on great performances last weekend, to a sold-out theater. Coach, Brendan Thomas said, “the shows were a great success and I'm so glad the students had a chance to perform for such great audiences.”

The announcement of the teams selected to perform at the All-State Festival came in late on Sunday. The choral reading performance of “A Fairy Tale” and one improvisational team featuring Mickey DeAngelis, Sophia Medvedeva, Demitri Makeig, Surya Sawhney and Kadie Roberts will perform in Ames at the Festival on Saturday, February 11.

“Theater is incredibly subjective and there is no universal standard by which these things could possibly be judged, even by professional theater critics. Our judges are not professional theater critics. Every single one of the kids has done work to be proud of, and I am very proud of all of them,” said Thomas.

Congratulations to all of the student performers, coaches and organizers for the fantastic show, and good-luck at the All-State Festival!

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