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Artist of the Week: Dominic Dupoux

Artist of the Week - Dominic Dupoux, Grade 6


Our artist of the week is Dominic Dupoux, who created a colorful and symmetrical ceramic box using a very precise process.  Dominic explains, "First I did a sketch, and I did the measurements based on that, then I measured and cut out pieces of paper, then I used those to cut the slabs".  Dominic worked patiently with this process for four art classes, then took additional time to glaze his piece.

Dominic plans to use his box as a clutter buster at home - something we could all try!  " I wanted to make a sushi tray"  Dominic recalls, "but I came up with a new use for it. In my house, because I have a younger brother, toys are everywhere!  I thought we could take them and temporarily put them in the box for when you don't know where they go."  This little box would also be great for keys, change, a place for a wallet... the possibilities are endless.  What a great way to blend organization and art!









"I wanted it to be really bright."

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