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Maharishi School Communication Form

Do you have an idea to share? A question or concern? We want to know about it.

The faculty and administration of Maharishi School strive to be as helpful and responsive as possible to both parents and students. Students and parents are encouraged to seek the most appropriate channels of communication to answer any questions or to offer ideas, so that their needs may be quickly and easily met.

Students progress most rapidly when parents and the School work together with a common commitment, understanding, and educational approach. Working together within the context of Consciousness-Based education enlivens a nourishing, coherent, and consistent environment in which children can grow to enlightenment.

Steps to effective communication:

1. Communicate your idea or concern in person directly to the individual responsible. Please use the form below to help you organize your thoughts. Please maintain a respectful demeanor and be open to other perspectives or explanations for the situation.
a. For academic matters: the classroom teacher
b. For administrative matters: the administrator for that area
2. If that is not comfortable or possible for some reason, click to download and print this Parent - School Communication Form, fill it in with a pen, and submit it to the responsible individual or a school administrator. We will see that it is delivered and a response is given.
3. If for any reason you feel the need for assistance or support with this matter, you can enlist the help of a school administrator or a Parent Association Liaison to facilitate communication. Please note that PA Liaisons cannot resolve issues independently, but they are available to provide support.

The school will investigate or research the matter and respond to the parents, as noted on the form below. The school would also like to follow-up on the situation after an appropriate amount of time has passed to determine if further refinement is needed.

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