Yoga Asanas

Rest and Activity

Twice a day, in the morning before class and in the afternoon at the end of classes, our students go to the Hall of Bliss (one for boys and one for girls) to sit quietly and practice their Transcendental Meditation® technique. As a preparation for meditation, all the students do a set of simple yoga postures, or asanas. These yoga asanas contribute to creating greater mind-body integration by easily and effortlessly bending and stretching the body and creating greater flexibility, strength, and tone.

Following the asanas, a few minutes of a simple breathing exercise, known as “pranayama,” improves neuro-respiratory integration, and settles the mind and body in preparation for meditation.

Every day students also perform the well-known sequence of exercises known as “sun-salutation” as part of the school sports program.

This integrated program of rest and activity provides a perfect start and end to the school day. Throughout their school years, this is the key to our students’ systematic growth towards balanced good health and higher states of consciousness—total brain development and enlightenment.

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