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Victoria Makes the Most of Summer Vacation

From now until the first day of school we thought we'd share a few things our students of all ages have been up to this summer, so let's check in with Victoria, age 12. Students from Maharishi School, a private day and boarding school in Fairfield, Iowa, return from a week of summer camp.

Vicky went away for a week to Frogwarts, a Harry Potter themed sleep-away camp.  There were several other Maharishi School students in attendance as well!  At camp, each kid created their own wizard persona and enjoyed traditional summer camp activities, as well as, "the development of a story, dramatized in real-time by campers, staff, and guests. All week long, campers use their critical thinking, imagination, and role-play skills to act along with the drama, which is designed to guide students through a process of questioning good versus evil, right versus wrong, to the triumph of compassion, creativity, empathy, and fun!"  

Vicky, a day student at Maharishi School in Iowa, climbs to the top of the rock wall!In addition to the summer camp fun, Vicky has stayed active trail riding, rock climbing, playing with friends, and taking a road trip to North Carolina with her mom. 

Vicky is excited for the beginning of Middle School, and looks forward to many more adventures with friends and family.

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