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“The Big Orange Splot” Sparks Creativity at Maharishi School

Maharishi School is a private day and boarding school in Fairfield, Iowa.  One of the top boarding schools in the Midwest, Maharishi School offers top-notch academics, a diverse and inclusive student body, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and a holistic-health curriculum that includes yoga, meditation, and organic food.  An award-winning boarding school in the Midwest - only a few hours from the quad cities, Omaha, Chicago, St Louis, and Kansas City.

The Field of All Possibilities is the Source of All Solutions. ~Maharishi

Mr. Plumbean turns an accident into an opportunity when he turns an orange paint splotch on his roof into the phantasmagorical house of his dreams. The 123 Girls turned the fronts of their desks into their dreams and changed what the author says to, “Our class is us and we are it. Our class is where we like to be and it looks like all of our dreams.” Then each girl wrote how she feels in her dream.

Here's a fun video to watch of the girls displaying their work!

My dream is to work in a garden in Asia. I imagine I could grow tomatoes in my garden, cabbage, flowers, and cucumbers. Vegetables are good for your health. Queen Frostine likes the color blue. And I love her but I love you too!
~by Faeven Gebremariam

My dream is to ride a dolphin. It makes me feel happy. My dream is to be a paint artist.
~Shea Jarmosco

My dream is that one day I will go to a place where fairies will greet me and take me to their kingdom. Where there will be a carnival. Then I will go to a performance where fairies will dance around a flower. They will like me so much they will turn me into a fairy. I will live in a green house. On my desk is me dancing around the flowers.
~Antariksha Sharma

My dream is to live in a cave. I will go out every day and explore around the forest. I hope I discover something new every day, and have a great time.
~Tula Sorflaten

My dream is … I would like to go to the beach when no one is there except my family. It will be peaceful and relaxing. I will listen to the ocean. It will be fun. I will go swimming with my family.
~Phoenix Johnson

I’m sitting with my sister and mom on a bench looking at butterflies flying and a bird. I feel happy.
~Evie Kunzler

My dream is to live in a big house and a hammock. And a cool bedroom and a room where I could do gymnastics and also have fun with friends and family. And maybe the leprechaun will meet me. And the tooth fairy.
~Sriya Yammanur

My dream is me living in Hawaii/ It’s a hot sunny day. I have a pet baby panda and my panda is laying on my hammock. My panda is wearing a tiny ninja thing that goes around his head. My hammock is hanging by palm trees. I have a pool that is green and blue. I also have a table that has a blue bowl with soup in it. You will see this big flower that is blue and yellow and something special is inside of it. It is the god of friendship.
~by KateLyn Jarmosco

My dream is that I can save hurt animals and set them free when they’re better. Yay.
~Isis Timm

My dream is to sit on a bench right after school and watch the fishes jump. On my desk you see me sitting on the brown bench.
~Poojita Mukadam

I want to be a fairy. I want to have a house that has glitter hearts. And I want to have a fairy Godmother. It came true. I want a sister. It came true.
~Wansu Shrestha

My dream is I am in Brazil with one of my favorite cousins. She is fifteen and we are at my Grandma’s shop. I am asking if I could have more jelly. It is true that she has a shop in Brazil. I wish that I could be in Brazil but I love my class and people I know.
~Sophia Castro

My dream is to go to the beach and live there. That would be nice. And I could have a pet that could be in a circus. And I could sleep in a hammock and ride on a dolphin! That would fun. But there is one thing I want to tell you, there are two fairies that live in a flower and they guard the beach. But no one has seen them before and no one will.
~Ria Syrena Altynska-Ross

In my dream I see the twin dolphins playing together. The fairies greet me. The Queens celebrate different things. The butterfly is pretty. The forest is green every day.


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