See you at Parent Orientation Day on Aug. 18. Classes begin on Aug. 20 at 9:30 am with Convocation at 10 am. Click to Download our updated 2014-15 Calendar.

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Maharishi School Awarding Iowa Resident Scholarships to Students

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment officials will be awarding a limited number of scholarships to Iowa residents who are admitted as new students for 2014-15 to Maharishi School in grades seven through 12. The Commitment to Iowa Scholarship reflects Maharishi School’s longstanding commitment to the students and citizens of Iowa. The intention of the... Read More »


2014 Pioneer Golf Invitational a Success

“Gratitude. Say thank you to someone for something. Extra blissful rounds added to your life for every expression of appreciation and thankfulness.” … Whacky PI format requirement for the 18th hole Dear Seventeenth Annual Pioneer Invitational Players & Sponsors, Thank you for the playfulness that you all brought to our walk in the park. We loved... Read More »


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